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A man alone


Ed Brinkman retired 14 years ago, and lost his wife two weeks later. Neighbors in his multi stored apartment building all called him “doc” because he held a PhD in sociology. Nobody gets lonelier than a man without children or family, especially during the Christmas holidays. He looked forward to the letter carrier coming by this time of year; many of his students still sent him holiday greeting cards.

Brinkman, like most folks in their early 70’s had to deal with a few health issues. He’d given up his daily ration of Maker’s Mark more than six years ago; except on special occasions when somebody came to visit. And that was very rare. In the cold light of reality, hardly anyone ever called in.

More than a few times lately, he’d press the button of his answering machine, just to hear a friendly vice. The message was always the same, “You have no messages.” Beep.

He wondered if his friend Harry was well enough yet to play cribbage at the senior center, two blocks down from his building. Harry had had what the docs termed a “minor” heart attack.

Ed looked at his laptop. He’d left it open on his kitchen table. He shook his head and thought, “Nah, too much crap going on. Nobody has anything nice to say anymore. And I’m sick of trying to sort through all the junk that’s tossed my way, from people who actually believe that what they say is correct.”

No, all he wanted was to hear some lively voices, have a chat with happy people, and quite possibly munch some snacky stuff and aw hell, celebrate the holiday with just one Maker’s Mark Manhattan.

He jumped an inch from his seat when his telephone rang, and he snatched up the receiver before the second ring finished,



“Yes. Is that you Harry?”

“Hell yes, who were you expecting to call, Santa Claus?”


“Get you butt down to the center, Ed. I have two dollars that says I can take you in cribbage.”

Author’s note: I hope you liked this little snippet. It carries a moral for us all. Let’s take a minute and do something this festive time of year, for someone we know who is without friends or family. A brief chat and a happy smile, or even a quick phone call “just to check” will help dispel their loneliness, and put a little joy into their holiday season.

~And merry Christmas to all. (Ted)

Holiday week end

Beach Crowd

John Bresnahan stopped walking. “What’s the matter? Why did you stop John, what are you looking at?” His wife Elizabeth asked.

 The septuagenarians stood on the hard packed sand the retreating surf left behind. The white haired lady followed her husband’s gaze.  The beach was jammed with people.

 It was Memorial Day week end, plus the inland temps skirted the 96 degree mark. And then the tall gentleman’s wife found what John was staring at.

 “I told you to put your teeth in before we left for our walk, John. Okay, I see what you’re looking at. You’ll begin to drool in a minute; close your mouth.”

 “Do you see that, Elizabeth?”

 “Yes. John. I see her. Times have changed, people just don’t care anymore. She must be nearly 35 years old. Oh well, I guess it’s time for her to go home. But boy, I’ll never get used to seeing a woman remove her bathing suit, and completely expose herself on a public beach like that. “

 Elizabeth watched the naked woman step into a pair of shorts, reach down, and take her time slipping into a loose fitting shirt. “Wow. Some suntan. Did you see the white marks her bathing suit left? Little skimpy top, and a sling shot of a bottom I’ll bet.”


 “The bathing suit marks. Her tan marks!”

 “The hell you talkin’ about honey? I just spotted the little green houses. You know the rest rooms. Toilets. They’re up there, to the right of the dunes. And I gotta pee like a mule.”