Something to write about

Last trip

How often we, as writers, pay no mind to what’s happening around us. Sure, we can write about our vacation, and pay no attention to the really interesting stuff that took place before we left. Yeah, who cares what happened when we got ready to fo home? One of us may never be the same after this trip, but who cares?

 We, as writers should care.

 Life has a habit of slipping by fast, and what generally goes unnoticed is screamingly good fodder for our books.

 A long time ago, I had a chance to get the autograph of a very famous person, and nearly let it pass by. However, I remembered that opportunity while writing Fiammetta’s Triumph, and I’ll share a little of it with you.

           “…We scurried to the ocean side of the stage (I’d seen a side door there and figured it was for either performers or stage hands), hurried up four steps, and opened the door. We found ourselves backstage, in the wings, just as Louis Armstrong and his band were returning for an encore.

“Collette and I edged to one side and tried to make ourselves invisible. Mr. Armstrong told the audience that he and the band would do one final piece, and then he had to go.

“Everybody in the ballroom inched up close to the stage. The entire building went churchquiet. And Louis Armstrong and his band began to play ‘What a Wonderful World.’

“And when during his song, he glanced to his left and saw Collette in the wings, and me with a program and pen in my hand, he winked and kept singing. When his song neared the final stanza, he turned in our direction, and I swear he sang these words to us:

…I see skies of blue,

And clouds of white.

The bright blessed day,

The dark sacred night.

And I think to myself,

 What a wonderful world….

“Mr. Armstrong’s voice moved our world that night. Everyone present listened to the music and lyrics. However, it was the way Mr. Armstrong sang that highlighted the sincerity of his words….”

 And that’s all there is to it.  When we search the attic of our minds for these little gems  of minutiae, we resurrect and give them new life…set them free to be  read over and again, forever.

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