eBooks II

Ever come across that question before? Probably so. It’s a logical question generally asked by writers who have parted with hard earned cash for the services of a professional editor, cover designer, and formatter. And when the excitement begins to wane after their second, third, or fourth self-publishing experience, they tally up how much they’ve spent and compare it with the amount of income their books have generated. The great realization strikes and they ask that infamous question. Can I make money writing and self-publishing my books?

An author named Larry (fictitious name) is a friend of mine. I’ve read more than nine of his books. He was a traditional author for years, and used to kid me about self-publishing. His book royalties began to shrink about five years ago. He was told this was a result of increasing publishing costs. That was okay until he received a contract to sign, for his latest book. When he learned what he could expect to net, after sales, he sent the contract back and opted to self-publish. He’s been self-publishing ever since.

Lucy (another fictitious name) and I have been friends for thirteen years. She worked two jobs, her husband worked two jobs, and she stayed up late every night, writing. She sent out hundreds of queries to agents, no, perhaps thousands, until she quit sending them and opted to self-publish. Three years ago, an agent spotted one of her books on Amazon, bought it, and loved it. He contacted her and she soon found herself with a contract for her next two books. Since then she has had a string of very successful books. She and her husband no longer work two jobs. They bought a spacious new home in the Sw, and a fabulous condominium on the ocean. She writes full time and her husband (he waved good-bye to his brick and mortar jobs) assists with the non-writing part of the business.  Her income now is on the high side of five figures.

These two people aren’t “special.” They get dressed every morning just like I do. Many other people derive a living from writing and self-publishing their books. We have members in FWG that average a handsome profit, annually. Two other FB groups I’m associated with also have members who continue to self-publish, and make money, year after year.

Do you share the driving force that propels those who “make it” to follow them?

Writing and self-publishing our manuscripts presents no insurmountable issues. And the answer to your question is a resounding YES. It takes drive, determination, hard work, and intensity of will. Look around. Thousands of people do it, and you can make money too, if you want to hard enough.

~Bon chance, and happy writing.


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