Erotica: A text declined


I have racked up yet another “first.” I submitted a very short story to two publishers. One of the publishers, the first to respond, declined my story, Sandy Dancing. They told me that one of their live reviewers read it, and feels that it is:

“…Erotica: The content is primarily of an erotic nature, intended to stir sexual desire.”

Huh? I was floored at the comment. I have a strong hunch that the live reviewer quit reading in the middle of the story. Too bad; for this person would really have been surprised.

It’s the publisher’s choice; so be it. However, Amazon took it, published it, and I’m pleased. If you’re at all curious about this issue, here’s a link to my very first declined story, for being too erotic:


4 thoughts on “Erotica: A text declined

  1. Isn’t that the point of an erotic story? You should take the comment as a compliment. It means you’ve painted a very vivid picture (that the reviewer probably got turned on by) and was not open minded enough to acknowledge the piece as descriptive, sensory prose. Glad to hear you self published.

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