The spirit chaser


Gabe Nash, a videographer, was late. The paranormal investigation was scheduled to begin a half hour before he made it to the address.  “Tough luck”, he thought, “I can’t control the gridlock. Saturday night congestion in any big city is chaos of the first degree.”

 The front door to the Victorian brownstone swung open before his finger hit the bell button. A man whose head nearly touched the top of the door frame looked down and said, “Gabe. Come in. Wait until You meet her; the paranormal expert. She’s fantastic, and she doesn’t charge much. C’mon in, her name is Shiloh…that’s it just Shiloh. Her last name is Banger and she prefers to not use it; says everybody simply calls her Shiloh. “

 The tall man shook Gabe’s hand in the front hall, and led him into a large walnut paneled parlor.  A grey haze of sage incense hung in the air. An assortment of urbanites  stood around a gal in  a green and red cape. She had flowing red hair and a hint of lip color produced an appropriate counterpoint.

 She noticed the two gentlemen standing in the hallway doorway, and smiled. “That’s her Gabe, that’s the investigator. Get your camera ready. She’s going to do her thing in about 15 minutes. We must get a video record of this. What a fabulous history we’ll put together for this old house. Big dollar signs here, you’ll see.”

 Gabe looked at the lady with red hair, and then at his friend. “Hoover, you certainly come up with some wild schemes. I don’t know how you do it.”

 Hoover adjusted his shawl-collared sweater and winked.  “Flattery will get your name in lights my friend. Come with me and I’ll introduce you.”

The paranormal investigator seemed genuinely pleased to meet Gabe, and when she said “It’s my pleasure to meet you Mr. Nash,” she stomped her right foot three times on the hardwood floor.

Gabe’s eyebrows arched at the visitor’s footwork. He extended his hand, “Good evening, Shiloh. The pleasure is all mine.”
From a work in progress…




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