On leaving a book review: Why I never mention typos


Before I leave a book review, I ask myself if the story was good, and well told. When the answer to that question is yes, rest assured I’ll read more books by that author.

Since my time is valuable, my reviews primarily deal with the parts of the story that impress me the most. I never, ever, allude to typos I come across in a story; and I have a good reason for that.

It’s a given, that nearly all books are professionally edited. Many Indie writers scrimp and save in order to afford the services of an editor.

Can you imagine what happens when a book reviewer makes a derogatory comment about the number of typos found in a text? The most common knee-jerk reaction is that the author gets upset because the editor let the typos slip by.

This often creates bitter feelings between authors and editors; and it shouldn’t. Every author is responsible for accepting, or rejecting, an editor’s final edits…period. Should typos exist in a published book, well that’s a lesson too late for the learning, for the author.

In the meantime, I never say a word about typos in my book reviews. Evre.


2 thoughts on “On leaving a book review: Why I never mention typos

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from, and I typically don’t mind typos. But I have given up on books because of the enormous amounts of errors; it detracts from the enjoyment of the story.

    • I commisrate with you, and know that such issues do occur. Rather than raise a furor, perhaps it’s best to set the book aside and move on without saying a word. (Works for me) Thank you for commenting on my post.

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