The last email

old man in thought.jpg

A man I never met in person passed away quite a while ago. He was an internet friend, and we swapped notes and chatted nearly every day. I knew he had a terminal illness, and although we never discussed health issues much, neither of us had any illusions about the future.

If and when we lose a friend, acquaintance, or co-worker, we swallow hard, get cleaned up and attend their funeral. It’s a lot different though, when a virtual friend passes away. There’s no reason to get out our ‘special’ clothes, or clear a time slot for a funeral, on our schedule. 

So…what DO we do? We’re not without means, there IS something we can do; isn’t there? How do we actually mourn the loss of an internet friend?

 All I can tell you is what I did, and I’ll share it with you, The Last Email: Mourning the Death of an Internet Friend.


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