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I firmly believe that writers of different levels find fresh ideas, new concepts, and powerful motivation from members of a solid writer’s group.

One of my favorite groups, and the one I visit most often, is called Fiction Writers Group, headed by my friend and veteran author Earl Chessher. I have asked him for permission to share this brief editorial he recently presented to FWG:


“After visiting a BUNCH of other writing groups in FB land, I have to say I am proud of our membership, policies and programs on FWG. The predominance of alternative groups is book promotion, and that promotion is on so many of the ones that I follow, I get bombarded by duplicate self-promotion up to five-or-more-in-a-row every day. Very little else is featured or provided on at least 90 percent of the sites I visited. I know we just introduced our very first “Buy My Book Monday” and reintroduced First Lines Friday, in a different and limited format—every other Monday for book listings and the first Friday of each month for sharing first lines. We also have professional services listings on the first of the month—sometimes with overzealous provision of links—as well as anything goes self-promotion on the 15th of each month.

Some love all the above, a few of them or one. Others hate them and complain on other venues about how FWG has gone to the dogs by revising the rules, omitting links in most other OPs or comments, and allowing the return of what was a unanimously-favored exercise and the introduction of GASP, an every other Monday book promotion feature.

All-in-all, I think FWG and its admins have brought together a good blend of programs, open discussion and administration. I’m proud of FWG and I am proud of the overall quality of membership we enjoy here. More than anything, I’m proud of the general attitude of most of our active participants and their adherence to the “respect everyone” rule. Thanks, all of you, for making FWG a great group.”


What Earl didn’t mention is this. When the original founder of Fiction Writers Group handed him the reins to the group many years ago, membership was around 200 people.

I watched, and participated, as Earl molded and shaped his fledgling group into a solid go to place for all things pertinent to writers and the business of Indie. Today, FWG’s membership hovers around 10K people and Earl still brims with fabulous new ideas.

Click here, or on the FWG icon, and visit Fiction Writers Group web site.


Click here for books by Earl Chessher.

Earl Framed AA


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