A meal in hand…

Grilled Hot Dog

I eat a hot dog when Wifey tells me she wants one, and that happens at least monthly.  Sometimes I eat two hot dogs. TA long time ago, I could handle three of those slender beauties, but not now.

I like ’em grilled, boiled, roasted, microwaved, broiled or baked. A juicy hot dog (to my physician’s chagrin) is still one of my favorite foods.

The familiar pink hot dog has been a food staple for decades. It spans all socio-economic clases.  The name “hot dog” is universal.   However,  over time, they’ve picked up a variety of monikers:

Tube steak
Red hot
Bow wow
Cholesterol tube
Foot long
Georgia hot
Hot shot
Crowd pleaser

I like a hot dog that “snaps” when I bite into it and hot dog juice squirts into my mouth, or dribbles down my chin. The louder the snap, the better the dog.

The fourth of July is a special day for me. Traditionally, I cook a batch of hot dogs on our charcoal grill. They’re best when cooked over medium heat, and turned often so they don’t split and lose their juices into the fire. I also like to toast hot dog buns on the grill…juntil they begin to singe and go  light brown in color.

Who in the world can’t watch hot dogs cooking on a grill, without salivating?  They can’t help it, it’s an automatic reaction.

  1. I remove a toasted bun (still warm) from the platter and pry it open with my fingers; just wide enough so I can spread a tablespoon of sweet relish in the open bun.
  2. Lightly dust the relish with celery salt.
  3. Spread a few spoonfuls of diced yellow onion over the relish
  4. Lay the hot dog, still hot from the grill, over all
  5. Squirt a small amount of yellow mustard along the top of the hot dog.

Now  by this time, my mouth is watering like Brushy Creek’s gurgling spring water.  I’ll help myself to potato salad, cole slaw, sliced cucumbers/tomatoes, or black-eyed pea salad…and find a place t sit.

Which reminds me, I wonder if we have any hot dogs on hand?


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