Author’s dilemma

Author's dilemma

I have what many in the Indie industry call a writer’s platform. It’s made up of an authorial blog, a Facebook/Twitter presence, and a well laid out website.

 So, what’s the problem?

 It’s simple; I want to know which of the three parts of my platform bring in the majority of my book sales.My stuff is available on Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, and outlets where most people go when they want a wide selection of eBooks. 

Every week I wonder if a few noteworthy Facebook posts generate more unit sales. The same is true when I edit a “zinger” of a blog post, and publish a news item on my blog.

 Which of these portions of my writer’s platform produce the most business? Or perhaps, it’s a combination of all three, operating in concert?

 I guess it’s best to not fret over this aspect of the business of Indie. After all, I should be writing.


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