Cattle rustlers: Alive and well

Texas longhorn

Today in Oklahoma, police officers arrested several people accused of cattle rustling. Yes, the bad guys stole 53 head of cattle from three different counties, and were apprehended when they tried to sell them at a cattle auction. The 53 animals were valued at more than seventy-thousand dollars.

 And so, the take away from this report is that as far as Indie publishing is concerned, the western genre is alive and well. Good guys still wear white hats and bad people continue to rob ranchers. A growing number of cowpokes ride ATV’s instead of horses and round bales are more prevalent than hay wagons.

Sweltering heat, the invisible cloud of sweetness that permeates a cattle pen, and clouds of dust swirling in the wind continue to proclaim loud and clear, the life of a cattleman continues.

 And oh boy, this is great stuff to write about. Click here for more information about my book, Come Sundown.


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