Waiting for a flight

passenger lounge

Three people sit quietly in an airline passenger lounge, each with eyes locked on eReaders.

One of the passengers is a silver-haired lady. And twice now, she’s stopped reading, looks at the ceiling, and giggles.

Another passenger,  in designer jeans, Polo shirt and a scalp that reflects the morning sun streaming in through a floor to a ceiling window. He looks toward a third passenger who’s dressed in casual clothes and a cowboy hat, “Good morning, May I ask what you’re reading?”

The cowboy hat looks up from his Kindle and smiles at the stranger, “The Pendasyde Solution. What about you, what do you have?”

The Polo shirt shudders, “The Eternal Chain, by Anthony Hulse. It’s a horror story actually, and it’s so good that, between chapters, I must put it down for a while and think about what I’ve read. Is your book a western?”

“The Pendasyde Solution? Oh no, it’s science fiction.”

“Who wrote it?”

“A feller named Ted Atoka.”

The silver-haired lady turned to the cowboy hat, “Excuse me. Did you say Ted Atoka?”

The hat replied, “Yes, ma’am. Do you know him?”

“Yes, I’m familiar with his stuff. I just finished reading Fiammetta’s Triumph, the most recent of his Villa Paradiso series. As soon as we board our flight and get comfortable, I’ll begin his book, Touch Me Tender.”

The Polo shirt powered off his reader and chimed in. “I have several books by a few writers I’ve never read before. However, I’m waiting for one special story to come up for sale. That’s the one I really want to read next, but I must be patient.”

The silver hair replied, “Oh? What book might that be?”

“It doesn’t have a title yet. The author did say that he was making a big genre jump this time; it’s going to be something about elves.”

The hair looked over her reading glasses, “Elves? My, my. That is a genre jump. Who is the author, and have you read any of his other works?”

The Polo shirt glanced at his watch, “The author’s name is Earl Chessher, and yes I’ve read a few of his works. Buried Memories, Stilts, Klaus, Loving Women, and a few more. He’s a prolific writer. Google his name when you can. You can’t mistake him; he has white hair and a neatly trimmed beard to match.”

Invisible overhead speakers announced, “Passengers waiting to board flight 632, flight 632 is now boarding at gate six.”


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