Author vs. unpublished writer

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There is a difference between an author and an unpublished writer, and that’s a given. A definite change in the mindset of a published author takes place during the process of writing and bringing a book to publication. It is a signal feeling and an accomplishment that is incomprehensible to one who has not traveled the same path.

 Writers gush ahead in a sea of words, a published author corrals a concept, and creates a work, that when shaped and polished, eventually comes to life in book form.

 An author shares a book with the whole world. A writer creates something for a limited audience to read. The difference, while subtle, exists. And understanding the difference is important to the well-being of all potential authors.

 Unpublished writers often view an author as arrogant or even condescending, and in so doing show their place on the road to becoming a published author. 

 The difference between a writer and a published author is a one-sided rivalry that will never change; It defines the lifeblood of the writing craft. It’s part of the learning process, and nothing keeps it from happening; it’s a precursor to publishing a book.

 And now you ask, what am I?

 Well dear reader, I’m Ted Atoka; a writer and a published author.

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6 thoughts on “Author vs. unpublished writer

  1. Loved this, I don’t really identify as either a writer not an author (even though I refer to myself often on my own blog as a writer 😄) though I can relate with the gushing ahead with a sea of words statement. 😄

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