Sandy dancing

lovers AA

A bead of wetness dangled from the tip of my nose. I had no idea how much longer I could last.

“More!” she screamed. “I want MORE.”

Her bottom rose up and down. How much more can she take? I wondered.

“Deeper!” she shouted, and I couldn’t hear the sound of the sea anymore. “C’mon. YES!”

I shifted uneasily… inhaled deeply.

The big one came, accompanied by a primordial scream that announced an end to our sandy dance. 

“Oh boy. Yeaaaaah, baby. That’s it.”

I was done too. My work was over.

Locks of her hair were lifted by a soft breeze. Her sparkling eyes locked on mine, and I became acutely aware that we had to go. Overhead, the seagulls had renewed their discussion. Once again, the reality of life was upon us.

She rolled to a sitting position, winked at me, and said, “Now we have enough clams in our basket for a genuine, old-fashioned, New England clambake.”

I carried the basket of shellfish, and she toted the clam rakes back to our cottage.

Sandy Dancing is one of the short stories in my book, Life in the Key of Gee. It’s availabe on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and where ever books in digital format are sold. Click here for more infomation.


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