Author blog: Locked and loaded

reading an ebook

A reader sent me a PM that makes me happier than a bunny in a patch of carrot sprouts.

 I’ll refer to this person as PH. Whether you decide to write or not, this may help you understand just one of the foibles writers encounter. I’ll try and paraphrase our exchange:

PH: Ted, How do you feel about writer’s blogs? A lot of folks in my writer’s loops recommend frequent blogging. What do you think?

Ted: I wholeheartedly endorse having a writer’s blog. However, there is a monumental caveat attached.

I realize you have already written and published one book, and it’s doing well, so congratulations on that score. However, having a blog without a backlist of books is much like coming across an empty canoe in the middle of a big lake. The craft carries no passengers and has absolutely no direction at all.

An author’s blog is a virtual marketplace owned and operated by an individual who has written and published BOOKS. If you have no books to sell, there’s virtually no reason to waste valuable time messing around with a blog.

Keep writing, write every day. Finish your second book and take it through to publication. At that point in time, ask me again about this, and I’ll pick up where we left off.

 Right now, I recommend you spend as much time as you can, doing you know what? Writing.

 Get that second book published.

That said PH, and while you’re here, please take a moment and click through the tabs at the top of this page. And for a touch of humor, scroll down through some of the little snippets scattered throughout my blog.

 I wish you all the best of luck in completing AND publishing your second book. Please feel free to give me a shout out any time. It’s always a treat to hear from a fellow author.


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