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Keep in mind that editors, book doctors, agents, publishers all are human … ordinary, everyday, average individuals with a job, business or position (real or perceived) of power in the world of publishing and marketing.

We, the humble or proud, also are human and perhaps extraordinary, if only in our own minds, or the minds of certain others, but we also deserve the same professional courtesies from other professionals. Courtesies that may not include the fact that they might fall to their knees while genuflecting if King, Koontz, Rowling, Martin, Patterson or whatever other successful writer/author/business person happens to pass them by on a New York sidewalk.

Thus, when we question or wonder why another professional has not responded, is taking too long to do so, or seems a bit pretentious or harsh in their (finally) responses, if any. Or, if they send that good ol’ form rejection letter. it often is perfectly legitimate to contact them with professionally placed questions or concerns regarding whatever information they may or may not have provided initially.

The secret is in the flavor or tone of your follow-up inquiry. Do not accuse, indict, whimper, apologize or cry about it … just submit a well-written, logically organized and to the point (on topic) inquiry seeking valid and valuable information. This is the approach to take.

You do not want to appear aggressive or angry, puzzled or confused, or otherwise arrogant … and you do not want to word your follow-up inquiry in a tone that puts them on the defensive or even pisses them off so much they File 13 it and do not bother responding at all.
This is from my personal career experience, both as the recipient or submitter of manuscripts, inquiries, etc. If you are civil and write. and sound. intelligently, quite often you will be shocked and amazed at the willingness on their part to correspond with you in kind.


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