Genre on my mind


A few years back, I toyed with an idea. I wondered if I could write about a pair of retired businesswomen, each in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. I asked myself how could I bring this about and tell a story without having it sound maudlin.

And then I had it, I needed to find a genre flexible enough to let me stretch and pull my story into ever changing situations. My genre had to have appeal for college age students, academics, and encompass varied cultures and wide age groups.

I developed specific characters, and put them together in an up close and personal life style. And what genre could better fit, than the one that chose me?

I was writing about four college graduates who get hired by two retired businesswomen to manage the daily operations of a life care retirement facility? (Book 4 of this series is nearly ready for my editor. Genre: Contemporary fictional humor.)

So, if you’re in doubt as to which genre to use for your story, I recommend that you let your genre choose you. Let your story find its own pathway to its genre. Let your story out, tell it, shape it, and mold it to a finished form. And then work it, and rework it until YOU like it.

Your genre will be there waiting for you when you insert the final period. Fret not about genres. Pay attention to getting your words written. Remember that a story left untold, forever remains unread.


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