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The last email-website

There’s a part of using Facebook I’ll never get used to. And that’s when I learn that somebody on my Friends list has passed away. Quite often it is predicted in advance, and I can see it coming. However, when the event takes place, I’ll never get accustomed to the feeling I get. Other times, it’s sudden…and that’s when it takes my breath away.

I continue to maintain that it’s a science fiction world we live in, and I’m awestruck at the number of “virtual” friends I have. I know people I’ve never met in person, and yet we share a friendship just like we’d have with a next door neighbor. I never would have figured this could take place, and it has.

When I opened my Facebook inbox today, I learned that another of my friends has gone. However, I make it a point to never remove these people from my Friends list. In so doing I believe my departed friends will understand that in my heart, they’re still here.

 I published a book about this subject, four years ago. It isn’t very long at all, maybe about 27 pages. If you ever feel the need to learn how to mourn the death of an internet friend, click the photo below, or at the top of the page.  And I’m sorry for your loss.

The last email-website



2 thoughts on “The last email

  1. I just wanted to say that I’ve downloaded this book, I’ve read it cover to cover. In fact, it comes out every time we lose someone in our shared network. It never gets easier, Teddo, but I love that you wrote this. I recommend it highly to anyone dealing with a virtual loss — they’re just as real as any real life death, and in some ways harder to deal with since you don’t get the sense of closure like you’d have with a funeral and all the proper last rites.

    Buy this book. Buy it often. Read it all the time. ❤

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