A romp through hormonal gardens


Book hawkers tell me that several of their top sellers have a high sizzle quotient. Well, heck, that ain’t nothin’ new. Writers for ages have met their financial obligations by writing sensuous, and explicit material. (Yes. I didn’t use the other “s” word.)

Alexander Pushkin, Anais Nin, Anne Rice, D. H. Lawrence, Kathy Acker, Mark Twain, and a whole bunch of others have hauled in royalties from writing in genres that call out to estrogen and testosterone laden readers.

So, I asked myself, why not join the fray and write a book like that? I needn’t follow any pre-ordained genre path; I’ll blaze my own. For example, check out my blog post titled “Norma.” Use the search feature, or click the archives. You’ll see what I mean.

In the meantime, I have writing to do.  


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