Horror novelist Anthony Hulse responds to 6 questions



Anthony Hulse is a master storyteller with a predilection for tales of horror, and the people behind it. If a book can be said to frighten the pants off a person more than likely, its author’s name is Hulse. Authors are busy people, and I kept this interview to only six questions. Read on, and listen to what Hulse has to say:  

Q: When you search for a book to add to your eReader, what do YOU consider a good read?

Hulse: Actually, unlike most authors, I am not an avid reader, but when I do find the time to read, I enjoy books from people I befriended on social media sites. My preference is for psychological thrillers and horror.

 Q: Much of your writing portrays man’s brutality to man. And many story vignettes paint such vivid mind-pictures, they’re hard to forget. Do you visualize horrific action in real time?

Hulse: Most readers like to be shocked, and I aim to satisfy. My partner, Sue, was wary of me when we met. How could such a kind-hearted, generous and fun loving man write such horror? Plucking eyes out, cannibalism, dissecting bodies, and other gory episodes are my forte. I have dabbled in most genres, and even romance, but always revert back to horror and thrillers.

 Q: What do you prefer for a word count, for a financially successful text?  Choose a number, 35K; 40K; 45K; 50K+.

Hulse: I read somewhere that a typical novel is 70k, and so that is my average. Insanity Never Sleeps contained 96,000 words, but I did not want it to end.

Q: Do you expect to do a “genre jump” any time in the future? Perhaps to romance, or science fiction?

Hulse: No. Science fiction is not for me. I have never watched a Star Wars movie, but I did love the original Alien. However, I do respect sci-fi authors, and realise how difficult it must be to concoct such a novel. My brain would be scrambled with all of the scientific details.  

 Q: The business of Indie is multi-faceted. In addition to the story proper, editing, formatting, and cover design is involved. Other than writing, do you attend to any of the others yourself?

Hulse: I love the freedom Indie writing allows me. Having so much time to myself after retiring at an early age from the steelworks, I opt to do my own editing and formatting. I purchase my cover photos online and add title and name. Initially, I realised my work contained typos, and I was understandably distraught. I republished every book, and I now go over my writing several times, before submitting. Maybe in the future I will hire an editor. I do acknowledge their contribution to Indie authors.

 Q: And now, for the most difficult question, how do you plan to increase your book sales over the next year?

Hulse: Mmm. Good question. I rise at six most mornings and market my books on certain social media sites. This takes around two hours. This year, I am seriously considering advertising on a far grander scale. What does surprise and delight me is how many countries my books sell in. The United States is presently my biggest customer, which surprises me. I hope they appreciate and understand my English style of writing.

Fret not Anthony Hulse, we certainly do, and you can include me in that group. And thank you for sharing your thought here; we wish you much continued success with your writing.

For those who’d like to look over the large number of books Hulse has written, click on the photo below.


Click here,  on the photo above, for a link to books by Anthony Hulse


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