A post in 5 parts

Back Bay Boston II

Part I: Grammar mistakes and typos

I make mistakes. That’s a given, and I expect no change in the months ahead. A method I use to gauge reader’s interest for my works in progress is to post them in snippet form, on one of my Facebook pages, au naturél, errors inclusive.

Fortunately, several of my readers are much sharper than me, and they waste no time is alerting me to a textual faux pas I published for the whole world to see. I thank each and every one of them for their help.

Part II: Fact vs. fiction

My published titles contain material that’s actually based on fact; pure, unadulterated fact. I’m frequently asked, “Did that really happen, or did you just make that up?” I tell my readers that the best stuff to write about is the little tricks life plays on all of us, especially when we lease expect it. Yesterday, I learned of an issue that took place at a funeral that was never meant to be, but did happen, and nobody really knew what was happening even when it did happen. Fret not if you found that difficult to understand. I guarantee you it will be included in one of my future books.

Please understand that not ALL the stuff I write is factual. Oh no, I frequently find humorous material for a particular situation hidden away in a coffee-table book in my mind. I simply open up that big book, and when I find something that makes me laugh like a hyena tearing into a down-filled pillow, I use it in a story.

Part III: Author interviews

I posted an interview with George Snyder in my web site, a few weeks ago. Evidently, more than a few people read it and like it and sent me PMs and email about it. Consequently, I’ve decided to do another author interview, this time with someone who has written and published an amazingly long list of titles that include horror, mystery, and crime. Keep a sharp look out for this interview. Like George Snyder’s responses in his interview, this person too, has a strong habit of “telling it like it is.” And that’s the kind of interview I like.

Part IV: Evolution of the business of Indie

In my opinion, things have never been better for customers who want a great read at a reasonable price. Whether paper pages or digital format, Indie authors offer an abundance of material. And it’s good stuff.

Several years ago, a few friends and I preached constantly, about the process of forging an eBook and making it the best that it could be. That included having their manuscript professionally edited, and hiring a reputable cover artist. Those days are behind us now. The vast majority of Indie authors understand the relevance of professionalism and the impact it has on their book sales.

Part V: What’s next

Last week, I updated my blog and gave it a good scrubbing. I purposely tossed out 139 older blog posts with the sudsy water. My goal is to have a fresh, clean, and spiffy blog that’s enjoyed by all. A number of readers have sent me nice comments about changes they’ve found in my blog’s title, and the direction in which things are going.

As for the works I have in progress at present? I certainly fit the same author’s mold as a number of my friends, and time control is paramount in our daily schedule. Readers continue to ask for book 4 in the Villa Paradiso series. I’ve received a few queries wondering if I’m going to publish book 2 in the Bean town Investigations series. Two westerns are works in progress, one is a classic taking place in the late 1800’s and the other is a work of contemporary humorous fiction. Another WIP involves a Bostonian who sells all and travels to Oklahoma in search of the good life as an owner/operator of a food truck business. I made a huge genre jump too, and I have a science fiction story in progress, as well as a gigantic genre jump, in writing a romance novel.

I’m totally stoked about all my works in progress. Which one will be available to read first?

The race continues, and I have no idea of the outcome. Thanks for reading my stuff, and keep reading my posts on Facebook, web site, and my blog.  And many thanks for your support.





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