Norma BB

Norma locks me in a steady gaze, and my entire being melts into her soul.

Nothing exists for me but her lips. Her very essence invigorates my body, and I feel the muscles in my back draw up.

It’s midnight now on a cold autumn evening. I welcome warmth that spreads from her and creeps into my heart and being. She whispers my name, and moves her lips in a special way.

I shudder and want to envelop her softness in my arms; keep her locked in my embrace for all eternity.

She welcomes my intention with her eyes, and offers no resistance. Her luscious lips mesmerize me and trance like, I’m held captive.

Recognizing my plight, she leans closer to savor the warmth of our kiss. My eyes go misty and my head dips forward to meet her pursed lips.

That’s when my Skype connection sizzles and goes dark.


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