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Farm Kitchen

Usually, when me and Wifey drink our second coffee of a morning, we try to figure out what to have for our main meal of the day.

Our work day begins shortly after our morning coffee, and neither of us expect to rattle around the kitchen until it’s grub time. Consequently, we need to decide on a menu before we get too involved with somethin’.

Our decision this morning, about our main meal, was a tough. This is how it went:

 Wifey: “What do you feel like having for dinner today?”

Me: “Anything’s fine with me. What would you like?”

Wifey: “Fried chicken? Do we have any left?”

Me: “Two pieces were left after our meal yesterday. And I ate one during the late news. When the sports reports came on, you ate the other.”

Wifey: “Oh.”

Me: “I don’t know; you think of something.”

Wifey: “Go peek in the fridge, and see what we’ve got.”

Me: “Okay.”   *Ambles from the breakfast table to the refrigerator. Swings open the door and looks inside. *

Wifey: “Well?”

Me: “How come we have a brand new container of sour cream, and one that’s practically empty?”

Wifey: “The old one has gone sour, I think.”

Me: “Huh? Ain’t that what it’s supposed to do?”

Wifey: “Get outta there and look in the freezer.”

Me: “Okay.”   *Shuts refrigerator door, and opens the door to the freezer ompartment.*

Wifey: “Well?”

Me: “You want some fish for dinner?”

Wifey: “No.”

Me: “Want a pork chop?”

Wifey: “Nope.”

Me: “You wanna go someplace later, and eat?”

Wifey: “Too expensive. We’ll have something right here.”

Me: “I gotta cut scrub today, I wouldn’t minds a sandwich after I’m done.”

Wifey: “Salmon salad?”

Me: “On some a that 12 grain bread we got at the bakery the other day?”

Wifey: “With a small tossed salad, on the side?”

Me: “And a couple of chocolate chip cookies for afters?”

Wifey: “Sounds like a good idea.”

Me: “I love it when a plan comes together.”





2 thoughts on “Main meal

  1. I love how you guys figure it out together. There are 3 of us here, when I ask them what they want, 16 year old daughters answer is always the same. Pizza. Or anything other than what I am planning. Husband is much easier, he’ll eat almost whatever I cook. 😀 But he rarely has an idea of what he wants! Sigh. lol

    • And guess what? When we can’t come to a decision, we usually wind up with what we call “refrigerator” soup. A conglomeration of left overs that often turns out pretty good. Unrecognizable, but delicious.

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