Tularosa Basin


Betty refilled their glasses, and returned to the family room. She took her seat, and raised her glass, “Here’s to all the best places we ever visited kiddo.”

The two silver haired ladies sat facing Fiammetta’s wide windows, and watched a watermelon sun ease behind a line of trees.

“So beautiful,” Betty said. “In all the places we’ve visited Fifi, where’s your favorite?”

Fiammetta placed her glass on a coaster and snuggled further into her wing chair. She rolled her head back, closed her eyes and almost in a whisper said, “I always remember the nights of brilliant moonshine lighting the sands of the Tularosa basin.

“When  I’m in bed and just before I fall to sleep, I often recall the  night I watched wild rabbits dance a ballet across silver sand. And I listened to a coyote’s midnight lullaby under a dark sky crisscrossed with shooting stars.  Yes, I liked that place. What’s your favorite?”

Betty turned her head toward Fifi, “Boy oh boy kiddo, we’ve seen a lot. For a couple of old broads who’ve been there and done that, the one place that’s at the top of my list is, hold on to your goggles now!

“I miss our chicken farm. Sometimes in the middle of a hot summer night, me and him would sit on our back porch and sip bourbon. Every time we had a full moon it made the tin roofs of the bird houses shine. Even on the worst of nights, we couldn’t smell the chicken poop after about ten minutes.

“Yeah, sometimes in my dreams, I hear our creaky porch glider squeak. And  I inhale the aroma of the stuff we worked so hard to sell. I have all that locked away in my brain, and I hope nothing will ever take it from me.”

The co-founders of Villa Paradiso exchanged knowing glances, raised their glasses, and took another sip of wine.

The above is from book 4 of my Villa Paradiso series. And each of the founders of the life care retirement facility share a secret they’ll never be able to disregard.

What’s the most appealing thing to you, about reading a book series? Or would you prefer to read stand alone novels?

Click the image below, for book 3 of the Villa Paradiso series:




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