ICU incident




Two hours after midnight, the ICU should have been as quiet as a church sanctuary the morning after a midnight service.

Anthony awoke to the flap-flapping of flesh against flesh. He peered over his shoulder cast and saw surgical scrubs on the floor, about four feet away from his bed. He raised his head up a little and saw a pair of gurney riders, completely naked, writing in sensual bliss.  

He stiffened when shoulder pain shot through his body; he scrunched his eyes shut, and pressed his head into his pillow. A gunshot chased away his agony. 

A nurse with red hair stood ramrod straight in the ICU’s open double doors. In her right hand, the barrel of a Desert Eagle .45 reflected the overhead light. She shouted toward the motionless forms on the gurney, “I should have done that a long time ago, Joseph. And to think I paid for your medical school tuition.”

She lowered her weapon, and stepped toward Anthony’s bed. “You’re awake, Anthony; can I get you anything?”

“I sure could use a cup of black coffee. Thank you.”

The above is a little teaser from one of my works in progress.  Okay, where do you think the story goes from here, what’s going to happen to Anthony? Have at it, and please leave your answer in the comment section. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “ICU incident

  1. Well, this sounds like the nurse with red hair might have a bone to pick with the couple on the floor. I think she will get Anthony his cup of coffee and then the police will be there to arrest her.

  2. Ah, however nothing spells retribution more than a lover who has lost. The nurse may not be entirely out of the woods yet. And, any number of events may be coming ….

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