Goodreads and me

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My response to “Why aren’t you a member of Goodread’s anymore, Ted?”

I read an Indie book several months ago that was written and published by an author friend. I always leave a customer review and this was no exception; so, I posted my review on Amazon’s site.

Amazon let my review stay up for three days and then removed it. I posted it again, and they left that one up for two days. I put it up once more, and they took it down immediately and told me to quit posting my review.

I sent them a flaming email. They responded in kind and told me several times over that I was violating Amazon rules that govern customer reviews. They warned me that if I posted my review again, I might be banned. Yes, this is fact.

I did a slow burn and returned to my own works in progress. However, a few months later I bought another eBook, also written by an author friend, and totally enjoyed the read. Force of habit caused me to leave a 5 star review.

Amazon left it up for 24 hours, removed it, and sent me another letter threatening to ban me permanently. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. You’d think that got caught red handed in the process of letting the air out of Amazon’s giant truck tires.

Yes, this time I got a fiery notice from Amazon; something like, quit and desist or you’ll be banned forever!

Aggravated, I contacted an author friend of mine who, by virtue of being one of Amazon’s top sellers, is cozy with the powers that be at Amazon. And I got some eyebrow arching advice.

Amazon now owns Goodreads, and has morphed it into their “Big brother” peek-a-boo network that eyeballs the actions of all members.

Et voila! I cancelled my Goodreads account.

And now you know why I’m not active anymore, in and around Goodreads.

Photo header: Elevator bank in the Empire State Building, NYC.

If you’d like to share a less than happy experience you’ve had regarding books or book reviews under the auspices of Amazon or Goodreads, please leave a comment.




2 thoughts on “Goodreads and me

  1. They really are trying to discourage authors from reviewing at ALL, aren’t they? As if writers don’t read. 😛 What a shocker.

    • And by golly, Alex, I’m still going to leave a customer review of books I read. If Amazon won’t publish them on their site, I’ll post them on my Facebook pages. How else will authors know how we ‘liked their work?

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