Under the Glass


Sometimes words, or a string of ‘em, are a dead giveaway to a particular section of the country or one’s social status. That’s my feeling and I’m sticking with it.Here are a few instances:

My father took a physic before he went to bed

Yes, you probably guessed that “physic” is a laxative.

Charlie stuffed the sliced meat in the ice box, and ran out the back door.

Ice box in this case, means an old-fashioned method of keeping foods from spoiling.

The members of the board sat in silent awe when Stephanie went toe to toe with Jeanine Van Phipps, and threw down the gauntlet.

Wow.  The use of “gauntlet” expresses an open challenge between the two ladies above, and lays the foundation for action that’s sure to come.

You can be sure to find a few word pearls in my books. Google my name, and choose a title. tedatoka.com

(If you have any sayings like those above, simply leave a note in the “comment” section. )


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